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Our Advantage

Medius® creates software for the agricultural procurement industry,
built by people with active experience in agricultural procurement.

Procurement Efficiency

Access to real time data allows for smarter decisions and a more efficient workflow. Medius® automates the redundancy of procurement allowing you to grow your business without growing your overhead.

Collaborative Accuracy

Working together you can build a network of traceability and accurate data collection along with your suppliers, customers or anyone in between.

Global Accessibility

With its easy to access interface, Medius® provides companies with the ability to manage their data from any location.

Amazon Web Services

Reliable and secure, Medius® is powered by Amazon Web Services. Built on AWS to give you the most reliable access to your data anywhere in the world.

Our Products

Reliable data. Collaborative insight.
Better decisions.

At Medius Ag, we empower collaborative agricultural research by merging accuracy and accessibility in our data management solutions. Our roots are in agriculture and it's how we got our start--we even use our own data management product and have for the last 10 years. We understand first-hand that your data needs to be reliable and available whenever you need it.


Medius - SCM is built on years of procurement and data management experience by the industry for the industry. Medius provides companies the ability to manage their supply chain, track contracting, generate product reports, automate workflow and more. With no hardware to buy, it’s as simple as setting up an account. Medius manages the complexity of collaboration by connecting your entire organization and your complete supply chain network with live data.

  • 24/7 secure access to your data anywhere on any device with internet
  • Manage all aspects of year round potato supply
    • Multiple plants
    • Multiple products
    • Customers - contract management, delivery scheduling, etc.
    • Suppliers - contract planning, load scheduling, etc.
    • Transportation - freight rates, dispatch, BOLs, scheduling, etc.
  • Quality Control
    • Instant feedback that impacts the grading of your next load
    • Information that helps you make the right decisions
  • Useable Data
    • Reports of any kind - pricing, volume, contract/market, quality, etc.
    • Information that helps you make the right decisions
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Save money and time - efficient scheduling, better quality and communication
  • Secure, Private, and Reliable
  • Specialized procurement management software designed for use in the snack food industry
  • Control and Traceability
  • Collaboration and Standardization - your whole team, along with your entire supply chain (growers and transportation), is on the same page working with the same live data
  • Simple to integrate into your organization
  • No additional equipment or IT purchases needed
  • No additional stress on IT department
  • API works seamlessly with your other systems - Accounting, ERP, etc.
  • Subscription pricing guarantees your product stays current with the rapidly changing technology world
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Lifetime access to your data

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