Is “Big Data” useful?

October 18, 2015 Bradley Halladay

In today’s age of “big data”, you can find lots of services offering to store your data.  But what good is data if you can’t use it?  We found this to be especially true in the agricultural and food procurement industry, which is why we developed Medius.

At Medius we believe in making data creation and management as simple and useful as possible.  We spent years using and developing tools that are simple and intuitive to use.  The improvements of modern web technology have helped in the evolution of useful data management.  The services that can be offered today through the simple use of your web browser have surpassed the standalone application that you used to be confined to.  Google, for example, developed the fastest javascript engine to date, Chrome V8, really pioneering the web browser application market.  Used in the Chrome browser, the Chrome V8 javascript engine gives developers the ability to split application resources more effectively between the server and the client.  Web application can then use the powerful hardware in today’s technology to speed up data processing and application performance.

While we recommend our clients use Google Chrome as their browser because of performance, we certainly aren’t limited to it.  Technologies such as jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS and others have allowed developers to create web applications that adhere to the current web standards of compatibility across all browsers and platforms.  Bootstrap is a particularly powerfully framework for developing web applications that are responsive in design.  Responsive, meaning, whether you are on your desktop, your tablet, or your phone, the same application is delivered and the user experience is comparable due to the responsive nature of the framework.

When developing data applications, gone are the days of pointless drop downs and spreadsheet looking data.  All that does for you is return the data in the same ugly format it was stored.  Today’s relevant data management applications make data easy to find, easy to use, and easy on the eyes.  It should help you find what you are looking for as the world’s best assistant.

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